About Tasmania

A site about where to look for Tasmania’s flora, fauna and fungi.

This site is a work in progress – my attempt to provide a photographic record of the flora, fauna and fungi that I’ve encountered in Tasmania. This will be a huge, open-ended task.

Some notes about using the site:

The Walks and POI (Places of Interest) pages have locations maps and thumbnail images of the species I’ve found there.

The Flora, Fauna and Fungi pages can be filtered to narrow down the results.

Clicking on an image for Flora, Fauna or Fungi will show the location and date that the featured image was photographed and sometimes additional images. No larger photographs or species descriptions are provided.

I hope that this website provides useful clues for anyone wishing to learn more about Tasmania’s flora, fauna and fungi; and the walks and public places where they can be found.

About me:

I’m an enthusiastic amateur naturalist and photographer. My primary interest is in birds, but fungi, insects, and native flora also attract my attention.

I have no expertise. I’ve been progressively documenting the species I’ve opportunistically encountered and now have a large and ever growing collection. In presenting my collection on this site, I’ve endeavoured to provide accurate identification (or none) and concede there will be errors and omissions. Corrections and identifications are appreciated. Please contact me!

I live in southern Tasmania so this site is biased towards the places and species closest to my home.

Elaine McDonald, Nicholls Rivulet


I am indebted to the experts and enthusiasts that have provided identification and resources via websites, books and email.


All photographs on this website are copyright . Please contact me if you wish to use any of them.